Bellows Seal Bonnet for Control Valve

The Eastern Operating Area of your Prudhoe Bay oil field began gas lift in . Bellows operated live gas lift valves are widely-used to unload wells down to an orifice located a deepest possible mandrel. The gas lift system provides over psi . MPa kickoff pressure to all wells in the niche. Continuous lift inch cm outer diameter O. D. casing pressure operated valves are old. Live gas lift valves commonly have nitrogen charged dome or bellows pressures over psi .

MPa. The gas lift valves are placed in the well bore at depths ranging between and ft and m true vertical depth TVD. The bottom hole temperate rarely exceeds degrees F degrees C. Although field personnel transport valves inside warm vehicles the valves tubing valves and fitting can at times be exposed to ambient temperatures as cold as degrees F degrees Chemical.

There are currently gas lifted wells in the EOA. Gas lifted well production indexes PI vary from . to blpdpsi drawdown to m dMPa with water cuts from to . The valve strings are in place an average of only one and half years due alter outs for fracture stimulations and workovers. The upper valves are not in contact with frequent opening and closing cycles since substantial used primarily in unloading a well down to an orifice.

Bellows Sealed Gate Valve VALVOLA Bellows Sealed Gate Valve LEAKAGE FROM THE VALVE GLAND OR STUFFING BOX is generally a concern for that maintenance or plant engineer. This leakage means a Regarding material b Pollution to the atmosphere c Dangerous for plant employees. For instance take the case of a steam leakage through the Valve gland. At PSI a clearance of just this. through the gland will mean a leak at the rate of lbhour.